H&L Software GmbH and its employees create innovative software products.

Due to our long experience we offer in the core areas of IT Consulting and Productdevelopment a broad portfolio.

Know-how and motivqation of our employees assures the high Quality of our products, starting from planning, over implementation to Aftersales-Support.

With the use of newest techniques and with strong partners we are on the side of our customers at any time.




The use of new technologies an having newest expertise in usability and ergonomics esoDigitales3 simplifies the entire process of evaluation whereby the total effort of this task can be dramatically reduced. Time saving and reduction of workload is a major focus of esoDigitales.

As a result esoDigitales3 is a mobile evaluation system of newest generation, which combines all features of all available evaluation systems in the market and makes it the universal evaluation system.

More Information can be found on our product page www.esoDigitales.com

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As individual as your enterprise is as individual your software should be. It should fit your needs and grow as your company grows. Clearly and simply built, easy to use, and simple to maintain.

That is exactly the concept the Relationship Management Suite aufgebaut is based on.

More Information can be found on our product page www.rm-suite.de

RMS mobil

RMS mobil

RMS mobile makes information available on various mobile platforms. Keep up to date with the versatile possibilities of RMS mobile, no matter which software solutions you use. RMS mobile works with any software systems. The intelligent RMSSync technology takes care of fastest availability and updates of information even when the mobile data reception is bad or unavailable. Therefore, a high availability is ensured even “offline”, without active network connection.

Rat Hund Tat

Rat Hund Tat

Dog owners can find information on selected topics here. From current news to expert knowledge about dogs, training recommendations, thoughts about dogs and families, interesting facts about education of dogs, their biology and much more. On top of that, you can find videos on education and training.

More information can be found on our product pages www.rat-hund-tat.de

eso-digitales II

esoDigitales II

Vereinfacht den Auswertevorgang erheblich, und reduziert den Gesamtaufwand dieser Aufgabe wesentlich. Durch die Umsetzung ergonomischer Gesichtspunkte in den Auswertevorgang und den Einsatz von vorgangsbezogenen Arbeitsschritten in den Weitergabeprozess halten bewährte Werkzeuge in esoDigitales II Einzug. Somit wird esoDigitales II zu einem standortunabhängigen, effizienten Auswertesystem, das jedem Vergleich standhält




Industry-independent shift and event planner

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  • 1996

    Björn Hansen and Benjamin Michael-Lohs establish H&L Software Service.

  • 1997

    Expansion of office , Employment of the first student trainees.

  • 1998

    Employment of the first employee.

  • 1999

    Employment of further employees, another office is opened.

  • 2000

    H&L offers professional training.

  • 2001

    H&L moves to a new office in the Stadelhofgasse, Development kickoff: H&L Development Framework.

  • 2002

    Development kickoff: Relationship Management Suite.

  • 2003

    Product launch esoDigitales, first RM Suite Installation, Launch of the H&L Customer-Support-Systems, Development kickoff: H&L advises theses.

  • 2004

    Foundation of H&L Software GmbH, Move into a new office in the newly built Lago Center, further enhancement of the H&L Team.

  • 2005

    Release of RM Suite Version 2, Product launch of RM Suite Ready Made Systems „Bewerben & Bewerten“ and „Leasing & Scoring“.
    Roland Dick becomes shareholder of H&L Software GmbH.

  • 2006

    Product launch esoDigitales II.
    10th anniversay of H&L Software GmbH, the H&L Team gets further enhancement.

  • 2007

    H&L Software establishes a site in Sydney, Australia.

  • 2008

    Touch technologies become part oft he product line, Development Kickoff of a RM Suite-based object oriented Replication technology.
    RM Suite Applicant Management on the PERSONAL2008.

  • 2010

    H&L Software establishes the mima GmbH in Hamburg, Herr Roland Dick is assigned as Managing Director.
    By establishing a techincal documentation department H&L gets further support.

  • 2011

    H&L Software GmbH becomes Microsoft Certified Partner and achieves the „Independent Software Vendor“.

  • 2012

    Foundation of a strategic alliance with Jacoby & Cie and opening of a new office in Adriers, France.

  • 2013

    Launch of RMS Mobile app. Facilitates mobile platform and connection independent data entry from anywhere.

  • 2015

    H&L moves into their new offices in Rosgartenstr. 32. The full RM Suite feature set is now available from anywhere using remote app technologies.

  • 2016

    Strategic partnership with Despeghel & partner.

  • 2017

    ed3-Viewer is the first product of the new esoDigitales3 line.

  • 2018

    New apps for smartphones and tablets support the everyday use of RM-Suite.

  • 2019

    Introduction of ed3-Studio from the esoDigitales3 product line.